An Exercise in Floating Verse

Happy AntsI.

Ant-like he scurries,
Searching for a space within
Over hill and over dale
Caught by every wrinkle, depressed by every dimple.

The quest is interminable but held in high esteem.
He is fixated, a monster overwhelmed by desire.
It is a greatness greater than a mortal concern,
Engorging him with passion for the destination.

Drenched in sickly sweet satisfaction he was dissatisfied
Pushed into a world against his will he found no succor.
Seek an alternative he did and found none,
But for the purity he sought, he valued nought.

His goal resplendent in its bareness.
A voluminous target for his desires.
Holy Mary never was so chaste
As this Marian monument unbeheld.


That purity doubled as in God’s eye
‘Twas found this prize so loved.
By Jesus’ name he found his will,
This ant self-held above.

A conquest grown in vats of devotion
For one true saviour victorious.
More purity beheld, “Here am I to love,
My Christ, am I not glorious?”

Arms held separate to leave that space
Desired by spineless fiend.
A path determined to so invite
Man now more than friend.

In three this consummation parts
To map the path unknown.
A forty mile departure tried
To splinter worried bone.


Tongues lash, limbs crash, the faithful smash in turn.
A heady cocktail merged by faith, the spirit here does burn.

Liquid flows, embraces grow, a stratagem determined.
The breath of God is in their hearts and on their minds so learned.

In things unimportant, no essence here found,
Thoughts irrelevant but as a crutch to prop them from the ground.

With fire and flame and endless blame a guilty heart renewed
The piss will scream, the ant will cream, love floats except when lewd.

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